ARC Europe - Show Your Card
One of the benefits of the ARC Europe automobile clubs membership is the special package of savings available when you rent a car from Hertz.

These discounts can equate to a total saving of up to 10% off our lowest available rates online or over the phone, depending on make, model and length of the car hire. This discount is available on both leisure and business rentals throughout Europe.

There are also discounts available in the USA, Canada, Asia, Australia and South Africa.

To enjoy these discounts, please identify yourself as a member of one of the ARC Europe motoring clubs and quote your unique CDP number at the time of reservation.

If you do not know your Hertz/Show your Card® discount code, contact your local club or the Hertz reservation centre in your country.

Take advantage of value-added offers exclusively for ARC Europe club members. Look for the Hertz special promotions or special offers in most major automobile club
 magazines or your motoring club's own Internet site.

European automobile clubs participating in the programme:


AA - Ireland/UK

ACA - France
ACI - Italy
ACP - Portugal
ACR - Romania
ADAC - Germany
ACL - Luxembourg
AL - Finland
AMSM - Macedonia

AMSS - Serbia
AMZS - Slovenia

ANWB - Netherland

ANWB Vans - Netherlands

ASA - Slovakia

BIHAMK - Bosnia
BKA - Belarus
EAK - Estonia
FDM - Denmark
FIB - Iceland
HAK - Croatia
KNAC - Netherlands
LAMB - Latvia
LAS - Lithuanian

M - Sweden

MAK - Hungary

MEMSI - Israel

NAF - Norway

OEAMTC - Austria

PZM - Poland
RACE - Spain

RAMC - Russia

RMF - Malta
TCS - Switzerland
TCB - Belgium
UAB - Bulgaria

UAMK - Czech Republic