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Services for the Physically Challenged



At Hertz, we want to make your rental experience as easy and convenient as possible, and for that reason we have joined forces with a professional company specialised in renting adapted vehicles. A full range of special services for physically challenged renters are now available to both the Hertz customer and any member of the traveling party. The basic services we offer are detailed here. If you need additional information or assistance, please call 0870 840 0084.


Hand controls

Hertz offers vehicles fitted with hand controls that are suitable for customers who have a lower limb disability but full use of the upper body.

This service is available at all locations in the UK, major gateways in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Spain and most USA and Canadian locations, with no minimum rental length restriction.


Infrared auxiliary control

This device allows the driver to have access to all auxiliary controls (Indicators, wipers, horn etc) using the same hand that turns the steering wheel. Available in all vehicle groups at all Hertz locations in the UK.


A 24 hour advanced reservation is required for all services.


For more details on services offered and rates, please call our dedicated helpline on


0870 840 0084

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