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Hertz Medical Assist - New Zealand


For your peace of mind, health and well-being, every Hertz customer now has access to free medical assistance 24 hours, 7 days*.


Hertz Medical Assist allows you to make one simple call for free medical advice, information and assistance around the clock, anywhere in New Zealand.


Simply dial the Medical Assist 0800 number found on your Hertz rental keys, quote your Hertz car registration number and you’ll be through to a medical practitioner. If you are feeling unwell or have a query, they can provide medical evaluation and advice, give you information on local medical providers, and, if necessary, even arrange a hospital admission and monitoring.


You can also obtain the names, addresses, telephone numbers and office hours of local physicians, hospitals, clinics, dentists and dental clinics.


Hertz Medical Assist is exclusive to Hertz New Zealand customers and is provided in partnership with SOS International, the world’s largest provider of medical assistance.


Just another reason to go with the World’s #1!


For more information, call 0800 654 321, or click here to make your next reservation.

*Please note Hertz accepts no liability in respect of injury or worse arising from medical advice received.

Back to Service in Australia and New Zealand